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Steven (a.k.a. Amritzar)rather than attempting to keep a multitude of pages up-to-date . if you happen to be curious about me . then please go my main Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook item in the menu . meanwhile the Links page will take you to various websites featuring my work.

Amrit literally means "nectar" derived from the Sanskrit word Amrita ("immortal" — since in spiritual terms it refers to the Water of Life) . the Zar part is a play on the word czar or tsar — a regulating authority .

so combined Amritzar could mean: the place where one is delivering the nectar. it also can have spiritual significance, but that is another story . there is also the city in India called Amritsar (with an "s") that is named after the Pool of Immortality in the higher spiritual regions.

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Steven E Polyanchek