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Love . Light . Bliss


provided here are links to websites relating to projects i either am currently working on or have worked on in th past . click on the images to view the related websites . though i have been engaged with multimedia for four decades . these are only a few projects that are currently relative .


my website dedicated to raising conscious awareness in the mental and spiritual spheres of life . has a companion Facebook page .

compassionate veggie

my website that approaches vegetarianism from the perspective of compassion and nonviolence toward all inhabitants of creation. i.e. Love!

The Empowered Soul

my website (still in the works) that explores meditation, yoga and other methods which focus on empowering our soul . most importantly it speaks about Divine Love and as drops of that Love, ways in which we can maintain the best internal connection to Divine Love .

Anchek Multimedia

my Anchek Multimedia is mainly my software website . i had a number of products which i have to admit are now a bit dated . my intention is to create a few new products again — especially for education — sometime in the future.

Tic and Tourettes

Now in its second edition for 2008 and being distributed by Random House. The first edition was the #1 selling book on Amazon specifically covering Tourette syndrome.
I worked on both editions proof reading this important book on alternative medical approaches as well as setting up and maintaining the website for the book.

Science of Spirituality

Volunteered my services on many books (a few shown here) doing all or partially the graphics layout and typesetting for SK Publications the Science of Spirituality publications group.