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Love . Light . Bliss


below this introduction are links to my audio recordings ...

i been have creating music since i was a child . over the years i have recorded in the recording studio and later in the late 1980s put together a tape based 16-track studio in my apartment . currently i record using unlimited digital tracks on the computer .

now that HTML5 provides for playing audio . some of the tacks can be played directly on this page using the controls below the title's graphic .

others you can click on the graphic to go to a blog page (hosted here on this site) that features a player as well as comments and lyrics relating to the song . clicking on the images below will take you to the relative blog page . there are also a few music videos on my YouTube Videos page .

i write in different styles that appeal to perhaps different audiences but i prefer not to be limited .

click on the images below to listen to the songs . note that Desert Midnight and You're Safe Now are not on this website but the link takes you to my Anchek Multimedia website .

Peaceful Sea
Very Happy Day
How Sun Loves Moon Rose
Mysterious Woman
When i Awake
What Holds Me to My Fears
Can't Believe
Clytie's Theme
Ghost Town
Across the Universe
Desert Midnite
You're Safe Now
Silent Night
So Blue
Star Breath
Don't Go Out in the Rain
Sustained Circles